WHY food start ups are growing

There is no hesitation that Food & Dining Industry has an appeal for entrepreneurs. Though it is a universal factor that setting up an outlet or food business and to pursue with the perfectness is a high-risk game but no hesitation that it has a commercial gain if it can be achieved. Though the industry had a major breakdown in recent past, many enthusiastic start ups are moving forward to delve into the sector. Here we will explain why this startup will be a turning in 2018-2019. Time Constraint of individuals As many of the individuals are experiencing a chaotic and busy working schedule. We inquired, many working young individuals on this, and discovered that it’s not that they don’t prefer to cook, but it’s a “Time Constraint” they have. So, individuals who are suffering from “Time Constraint” choose to call for the food online and have it delivered at their door step. Many food distribution companies like Food Panda, Zomato, Swiggy came up with the quick fix and buzzed up during 2015 – 16. As per the statistics available, it was 150% rise in 2016 and hoped to rise further. We love to have Healthy Food We all need to feed fresh and healthy meal. Being in a hectic schedule, calling for food from an outlet and maintaining competence is an immense challenge. A startup like FOODSWAP, which gives healthy meals for individuals on the move. With high-quality and diet based food in the box. As 80% of our health and is what we put in our mouth. What you eat matters. No matter if you’re expanding, cutting, or to the macro scene, FOODSWAP got you covered. When you leave your home in the morning, no matter what the day will start at you, you’re fit. Your nutrition is covered. Chain Restaurants are not a trap anymore As per the report and experts, chain restaurants are not performing so effectively what they used to in a few years back due to the expected loss from the youth. Young individuals are not adopting the chain restaurants anymore. A number of food and dining start-ups are exploring this section of consumers and growth is pretty significant. We all prefer to; see grocery delivered at the door step Due to the chaotic life, ongoing and return time from the workplace, it’s challenging to look at the grocery. Instead, individuals prefer to obtain the vegetables and other groceries online. Companies like Big Basket, Grofers, Baniyababu, Tokri and the list does not end here. You can pick up the things at your door step with an organized shipment.Recently we saw an excellent volume of grant in grocery delivery start-ups. Alibaba invested in $ 200 million in Big Basket. In a recent report, Amazon is also in conversations with Grofers to counter Big Basket. We prefer to learn After all, we all prefer to learn. For working individuals, firms like Tastemade, MasterChef, Cook-A-Boxand many more companies, started online cooking classes. This is absolutely famous in India as well as internationally and many young people are joining to learn the mantra of “How to Cook”. As per the studies, online or in person cooking classes are coming up in a bigger way and expected to see more start-ups in this segment. It has a low-cost investment and can be done from home and part time. Food Startup Consultancy Food Startup Consultancy. Many of the startups are considering a specific query in mind “How“? So, hard core experts from the specific territory are efficient to providing consultancy on “Food Startups”. Companies like Mango Kurry, Food-X, Growx etc, are providing professional and strategically service to work out and implement further for Food & Dining Startups. Many firms are turning up to in this field and all of them are enjoying their set of a consumer base. Overall, food & Dining startups are growing up with the concepts on business with a social objective. In our view and comprehensive data evaluation, we can certainly get some well-known startup brands in Food & Dining in coming years.

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