Sales & Distribution Solution PACKAGES

We at Express Business Solutions know the wisdom behind direct marketing.

Our team members comprise of experienced professionals with an extensive amount of knowledge and a well know-how of sales & distributions.

Coupling our qualities with market insights and data analysis we have always been able to devise a cost efficient and highly targeted direct marketing solution for our valued customers regardless of their size.

What does EBS – Global provide which is different from the others? If you think we would say ‘a highly innovative and effective advertising campaign’, then you are wrong! We provide “Accurate Target Audience for your Advertising Campaign”. So that your business reaches those who needs it at the right time.

The core strength of EBS – Global is not only door drop marketing along with the evolving era we continuously change our portfolio expanding it to online sales and distribution.

Our treasure is a vast amount of data analysis’s and hundreds of targeting tools that can increase all aspects of your business.

Why EBS - Global?


Never heard of it we have. We work with you till you are completely satisfied, that is accurately defining to you on how you spend your time and money and on whom.


Yes we have our pride. We still believe in distributing leaflets. There is no such thing as class, from small time target mailing to large distributions we work with you step by step.

We’re more than willing to help you out, help you to expand your business make it bloom more than ever. From ideas through to end we will provide you with every step.

Talk to us, we can help.

Try the Smart approach.